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IN Groupe bases its innovation on the Civic Tech principle, where our solutions aim to make public services more accessible, effi cient and effective for citizens, while ensuring their security, to strengthen democratic ties.

Our promise on the market: Privacy and security by design

We provide an identity and digital services that are easy to use and integrate a high level of security, while respecting users’ personal data.

Zoom: The INWallet Innovation

In a rapidly dematerialising society, IN Groupe invented INWallet: a solution that makes it possible to provide an identical 100% dematerialised digital identity from a physical medium.

With INWallet, physical and digital identity are tied, giving each of us a digital citizen identity endowed with the highest level of security, guaranteeing authentication online and on public administration portals.

INWallet also makes it possible to bring together on mobile and tablet devices certifi ed copies of all official, sovereign and professional documents: national identity card, passport, driver’s licence, professional card…