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Code of Ethics

IN Groupe Group promotes professional diversity. But above all, it promotes human diversity.

IN Groupe is among the 2000 signatory companies of the French diversity Charter. Given its history, IN Groupe intends to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Our commitment to diversity in the workplace is fourfold:

Gender equality

  • The group promotes gender equality in senior positions. Access to these positions should be skill-dependent and not gender-dependent.

Cultural diversity

  • Cultural diversity is an integral part of the group. We strive to build a diverse workforce, even at the executive level. We believe that cultural diversity not only enriches the company but also brings an added value for its sustainability.


  • We strive to integrate people with disabilities and pay particular attention to the improvement of their working conditions and environment.

Age diversity

  • Older employees can impart their know-how and experience to younger employees. Hence contributing to the company’s dynamism.

These founding values guide our activities:


  • Protection of the environment through risk prevention and reduction of the company’s ecological footprint.
  • Occupational hazard prevention
  • Sustainable partnerships
  • Code of ethics vis-à-vis our clients and prospects, our suppliers and subcontractors, our partners, our main shareholder and other stakeholders
  • Commitment to equity, honesty and integrity throughout the company


  • At the heart our company culture and of each mission
  • A requirement and a golden rule in all fields of expertise


  • Highly secure production plant
  • Expertise in the fight against forgery, falsification and identity theft.