IN Groupe, The right to be you

A message from the chairman

IN Groupe: an asserted position at the very heart of the economy and of Digital Trust.

Didier TRUTT
President and Chief Executive Officer
Didier Trutt : The year 2018 was a dense and inspiring year, a landmark for our Group. Indeed, it offered us the opportunity to highlight our history, our know-how and our capacity for innovation.

This led us to adopt a new brand name at the beginning of the year: IN Groupe. This new brand offers us more visibility on the international market and makes us more attractive to new talents. This change of brand is an additional step in our Group’s extensive transformation.

We now also have a new baseline: the Right to Be you. The right to assert your rights, to practice your profession, to circulate freely, to live in a secure world... in four words, live a simple life. This new signature reaffirms the Group’s commitment to the States and their citizens: identity is an inalienable right, that should not be monetized, marketed or given access to.

Everyone should be able to identify themselves and have the means to prove their identity at every instant.

« Our turnover has reached 314.2 million euros,
two years ahead of the projected
forecast in the Odyssey 2020 plan! »

Didier Trutt : 2018 has been a positive year in terms of profit. The Group has had excellent results across all of its activities. The turnover reached 314.2 million euros, two years ahead of the projected forecast of the Odyssey 2020 plan!

2018 has also allowed us to reaffirm our leadership in the secure identity sector, to see the continued exponential growth of our services activities with an excellent year-end and has also confirmed the progress of our activity dedicated to secure components for banking, which today represents half of the growth of the Group. This growth is carried by the development of smart cards with a double interface or dual interface technology.

And finally, in 2018 we crossed a symbolic milestone in terms of volume thanks to the industrial investments realized particularly on our historic site of Douai: 7.5 million passports were produced (against 6 million in 2017), of which 4 million for France!

« By adopting a new brand and a new brand territory,
the Group sends its markets a strong message and asserts
its positioning at the heart of the digital economy. »

Didier Trutt : 2018 also ends on two strong and meaningful achievements for the Group: first, we achieved ISO 27001 certification, an award for the Group’s efforts in securing data systems, and then we concluded a partnership deal with AriadNext, a French start-up, enabling the Group to have a complete eID solution! All these successes would not have been possible without the daily investment of our 1,000 employees.

2019 will be a new milestone in our strategic plan and a new challenge rich in new projects and innovations!