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From past to present, a logical progression

Since 1538, when François 1 granted a first royal warrant for a printer, then 1640 under Louis XIII when it became “Manufacture royale de l’Imprimerie“ [the royal printing works], IN Groupe has always innovated and anticipated the needs of its clients.

It is now one of the foremost operators in secure physical and digital identity and the dematerialization of trust. All in all, a logical development for a business that has never ceased to evolve and innovate and has been able to make the digital revolution an ally in its growth.

It sets its sights, for both its public and private clients, on significant productivity gains in an ultra-secure, calm and controlled environment.

The IN Groupe in 4 commitments

Durability wholly owned by the French State, official supplier of French credentials
Security of a distinctive culture, very rigorous recruitment, an outstanding industrial site, thoroughly mastered technologies and a controlled environment
Confidentiality an established operator of trust services
Excellence a historic and deeply ingrained tradition, never refuted