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Data and Integrity

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A woman reports the birth of her child by telephone.

A legal identity at birth, a right for every child

The World Bank, in partnership with UNICEF, aims to provide legal identity for all by 2030. This is ...

Cyber security threats

How the public sector can combat mounting cybersecurity risks

The public sector is being targeted by cybercriminals. We have identified three top areas with secur ...


The Digital Travel Credential (DTC), a step towards a simplified travel experience

The Digital Travel Credential (DTC) is designed to meet the challenges of fluidity, travel experienc ...


Blockchain and sovereignty, the beginnings of a digital identity revolution

Decentralised identity and blockchain technology propose a technical and conceptual redefinition of ...


Passport data page photo: Color or no color?

Is color that important for the portrait on a passport's polycarbonate data page?

Decentralized digital identity

What are the advantages of decentralized digital identity?

The use of civic identity evolves with digital identity. Initially used for physical checks, identit ...

Fraud: What Exactly Is 'Digital Identity Theft'?

Identity theft affects more than 210,000 people in France every year. This figure, which is higher t ...


New Opportunities in the Wake of the GDPR

Designed to adapt the legal framework for data protection, the GDPR has the noble aim of restoring c ...