For the Principality of Monaco, IN Groupe is deploying a digital identity system open to public and private services from now on

Since June 28th 2021, every Monaco citizen and resident has been able to have a digital identity associated to their new ID card. This digital identity makes verification both easier and highly secure, with no additional proof of identity needed to access the different procedures that citizens may want to initiate with State or private partner services.
IN Groupe is providing a secure and comprehensive solution that anyone can access. The solution complies with Monaco legislation around data protection, meets government expectations and is in line with the physical and digital uses of Monaco citizens and residents of the Principality.

Digital identity Monaco

An ambitious program centred on security, data and digital uses

As part of the Principality’s digital transformation program – Extended Monaco – the Princely Government, through the Interministerial Delegation overseeing the digital transition, has launched a number of major projects (Sovereign Cloud, 5G, Digital College, e-Health, Security Token Offering, etc.). IN Groupe was tasked with defining, developing, implementing and deploying a comprehensive, integrated ID system (physical and digital).
Enshrined in Monegasque law, this association between national identity and digital identity lies at the heart of the digital relationship between the administration and its citizens. The digital ID in Monaco, built into the new electronic ID card which can be used on a smartphone or PC, is based on highly secure technology solutions. It’s based on a process that starts with physical enrolment and ends with the delivery of physical and digital identification, allowing Monaco citizens and residents the option to have their own digital identity when they want, or to renew their national identity. Designed to straddle the physical and digital worlds, the Monaco digital ID enables high level authentication with qualified signatures.

A bespoke digital platform designed to make it easier and more secure to use digital tools

With the creation of a turnkey digital platform, MConnect, IN Groupe is responding to a number of major challenges. These include centralising information while keeping it secure, making online processes easier while guaranteeing data protection and facilitating the integration of digital tools in everyone’s daily life while combating fraud.
With this solution, IN Groupe is helping citizens to avoid giving out their data left, right and centre: just a single ID is enough to log in to a single portal where all services can be accessed.

The MConnect platform is based on end-to-end management of ID and rights security. It’s built on secured systems that host the associated digital services, the digital ID smartphone app and the cards with digital ID window.
Where travel was once involved in the various processes, users can now access everything from a personal computer or smartphone. These processes include obtaining a civil status record, making a sworn statement and signing documents with a digital signature that has the same value as a written one.
The ID card carrier can verify themselves via the MConnect solution developed by IN Groupe in order to access the entire range of services.

A highly secure and easy to deploy solution

IN Groupe places data protection and respect for privacy at the heart of its innovation strategy.
The company thinks carefully about digital ID, acceptability, control and trust, rolling out a vision of data protection and identity that’s resolutely European. This differs greatly with the international scene.

Complying with Monaco legislation around data protection, the digital identity solution developed by IN Groupe is based on the explicit agreement of the person involved.
The card carrier can go to the town hall or Department of Public Security at any time to renew the code associated with their digital identity, update their card or deactivate their digital ID.
Open technological standards (OSIA and OIDC – open ID Connect) were also chosen to ensure the Monaco digital ID could be quickly and easily integrated with current and future services.
Finally, in accordance with the Principality of Monaco’s general security data-base and European regulations (eIDAS – electronic identification and trust service), the Monaco digital identity has been designed to digitally interoperate with the different European electronic identification services.

Didier TRUTT, CEO of IN Groupe says:
Working alongside the Principality of Monaco, we have made digital identity an integral part of the daily lives of Monaco citizens and residents. We’re proud to have been able to meet the challenges of the Monaco government, pushing the boundaries of innovation, user experience and personal data protection. These three principles were at the forefront of our minds when designing and developing MConnect, a platform for centralising identities and connecting them with both public and private services.

Monaco is launching its Digital Identity and is thus joining the top 5 most advanced countries in this field, following the examples of Singapor or Estonia. In the post-crisis world, Digital Identity is an essential infrastructure for Monaco’s sovereignty and appeal. Our ambition is to equip all Mongasques and residents, with at least two thirds of them by the end of 2022
concludes Frédéric GENTA, Interministerial Delegate responsible for Monaco’s Digital Transition.

Digital identity in Monaco: a natively fluid, secure omnichannel service

  • A new ID card allowing access to and initiation of all online administrative processes
  • A “wallet” app on Android and iOS for using your digital identity, MConnect Mobile
  • A Customer Centric and highly secure MConnect Platform
  • Public and private digital services accessible via smartphone and PC, where and when you want.

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