IN Groupe fully committed in interoperability standards to support sovereignty of Governments (OSIA initiative)

At the biannual meeting of the OSIA Advisory Committee, the identity industry professionals were able to demonstrate their full interoperability through the innovative OSIA (Open Standards Identity APIs initiative.

OSIA initiative

IN Groupe is strongly committed to the development of OSIA, an interoperable standard directly linked to its mission as a public operator for Governments. For instance, Monaco selected IN Groupe to deploy its digital identity scheme and trust services, a project that constitutes the first practical application in Europe based on interoperable standards.

On December 1 and 2, 2020, the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) hosted its biannual meeting of the OSIA Advisory Committee made up of over 35 members, representatives of government organizations and identity industry professionals including IN Groupe. These actors work together to open up the identity market by developing an interoperability framework for innovation, competition and sustainability. Also, government representatives from 15 African and Asia-Pacific countries have now joined the OSIA Advisory Committee.

In the presence of government representatives, IN Groupe and other identity professionals who are members of the OSIA initiative were able to demonstrate their full interoperability from the collection of identity data from enrolment stations to the creation of a physical identity card and its digital version.

For more information, read the SIA press release.