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The new Bolivian electronic passport designed by IN Groupe receives 2019 ‘Best ID Document’ Award at HSP Latin America

The new Bolivian electronic passport designed by IN Groupe has just won the “Regional Identity Document of the Year”. This prestigious award was given to the Dirección General de Migración del Estado Plurinacional of Bolivia during a ceremony held on June 4, 2019 at the High Security Printing Latin America conference in San Jose.

The award recognizes the exceptional quality of the passport design and its state-of-the-art security features, as well as the excellence in secure printing that IN Groupe has demonstrated.

IN Groupe has been selected following an international competitive bidding launched by the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance in 2017, on behalf of the Dirección General de Migración del Estado Plurinacional of Bolivia. This international tender was subject to a strict bidding process controlled by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). IN Groupe’s ability to provide the best technical and commercial offer in compliance with the highest levels of security requirements, while respecting an extremely short delivery time, made the difference in this call for tenders.

In response to specific specifications, IN Groupe designed and manufactured the new ePassport. This ePassport, which replaced a non-electronic passport, contains about thirty security features, including exclusive watermarks, micro-lettering, inlays, UV inks, iridescent and secure inks, but also one of the latest technologies in the secure identity market: the anti-skimming technology. This patented technology developed by SPS-IN Groupe, is an innovative active scrambling device designed to protect the secure data of citizens from hacking through RFID waves. The Bolivian ePassport is one of the most secure passports in Latin America. Furthermore, the cost for the Bolivian citizen has stayed the same!

In addition, the new ePassport allowed the Bolivian government to meet criteria for the visa waiver program for the Schengen area. With the electronic document, Bolivian citizens now have the opportunity to travel more easily. This programme facilitates economic exchanges with Europe and simplifies everyday life for citizens.

This award is the result of an efficient collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and Public Finance and the Dirección General de Migración del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia.

About IN Groupe

Partner of the French Government for close to 500 years, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services at the cutting-edge of technology, integrating electronics and biometrics. From components to services, including securities and interoperable systems, as a global specialist of identity and secure digital services, IN Groupe is present everyday to facilitate the daily life of each person. Accompany states in exercising their sovereignty. Protect citizens’ identities. Preserve the integrity of companies. Whatever the challenge, IN Groupe – a digital sovereignty company – helps each person assert a fundamental right: the right to be you.
IN Groupe is the new brand of Imprimerie Nationale Group.

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