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IN Groupe’s Mobility Inclusion Card Platform: a successful digital transformation for the benefit of users

A year after the launch of the service and 1 million cards later, IN Groupe’s assessment of the digital MIC issuing platform is a positive one. By securing the process of producing and using the MICs at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs on behalf of the regional councils and social administration authorities, the IN Groupe is helping to giving millions of people the possibility to exercise their rights more effectively.

The MIC: a substitute for parking, disability and priority access cards

After being asked to implement the MIC project in 2014 by the DGCS (Directorate general for social cohesion) and the CNSA (National solidarity for autonomy fund), IN Groupe has developed a turnkey digital administration platform.

With the project involving merging and replacing the former parking, disability and priority access cards, it should meet the criteria of a set of specific specifications: securing the card issuing process and combating fraud, reducing manufacturing costs and improving the quality of the service provided to users by simplifying, modernising and reducing the time required for the card issuing process. As they no longer need to handle these tasks, the MDPH (Maisons départementales des personnes handicapées - regional centres for disabled persons) can now focus their activities on providing support on a day-to-day basis.

A pooled and secure e-administration platform from IN Groupe

To meet its clients’ needs and expectations, IN Groupe carried out a full digital redesign of the administrative card-issuing process, with the result being the MIC platform. Benefiting from its experience in the data security field, IN Groupe has dematerialised the data provision process, as well as securing the production and use of the cards. To simplify their distribution, the production and the whole life cycle of the cards, through to their customisation, are all centralised. The database containing the requests accepted by the MDPH (regional centres for disabled persons) and the regional councils has now become a national one. As an example, it is now no longer possible to submit a MIC application in several départements at the same time… IN Groupe is also involved in answering questions from citizens who are beneficiaries of the card. A contact centre has been created to provide them with information about the issuing of the card and the use of the platform. At the same time, a mobile verification solution application for law enforcement agencies has been designed to combat fraud and to ensure that the rights of disabled people are respected.

Equipped with the best physical and digital security measures, the MIC has become a falsification-proof card. Today, a year after the platform was launched, a hundred regional centres for disabled persons and around forty départements are connected to this digital administration platform, which stands out as a successful example of using digital technology to simplify administrative formalities.

About IN Groupe:

As a partner of the French State for nearly 500 years, IN Groupe offers cutting-edge identity solutions and secure digital services integrating electronics and biometrics. From components to services, through interoperable credentials and systems, as a world specialist in identity and secure digital services, IN Groupe is present in our everyday lives, making life easier for everyone: Supporting States in exercising their sovereignty. Protecting citizens’ identities. Protecting companies’ integrity. Whatever the challenge, IN Groupe, a digital sovereignty company, is contributing to allowing everyone to assert a fundamental right: the right to be you.

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