IN Groupe, The right to be you

IN Groupe will be attending SDW 2018, 25th-27th June 2018, London, UK

IN Groupe, a world specialist in identity and secure digital services will showcase its comprehensive offering of components, products, digital services and systems to States, businesses and citizens at SDW show.

SDW is a world-leading event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations, such as at the border.

The introduction of a new brand territory to better support IN Groupe's ambitions

The Group is launching an initiative to capitalise on its history, know-how and capacity for innovation. The Group is adopting a new brand territory, is becoming IN Groupe and is adopting a new corporate signature, the common thread running through its communication: “The right to be you”. The right to assert your rights, do your job, travel freely and move around in a secure world - quite simply, the right to live your day-to-day with confidence. This new signature reaffirms the Group’s commitment to States and their citizens: identity is an inalienable right, to be protected against any monetisation, marketing or restriction on access. Everyone should be able to identify themselves and have the means to be able to prove this identity at any time.

The introduction of the last generation of ePassports with polycarbonate datapage

This show will be the first opportunity for IN Groupe to present its last generation of ePassport with polycarbonate datapage. The datapage solutions developed by IN Groupe offer security features highly resistant to attacks and at the same time easy to control.

The last generation of Nautilus datapages embed new features including an innovative level 1 security feature called “dynamic MLI/CLI”, actively mitigating attacks and at the same time fastening controls.

Introducing S-Lock ®, a new anti-skimming solution for ePasseports

In parallel, the Group, through its Components’ dedicated branch (SPS) introduces eCrush™ (a patented solution) for electronic passports. eCrush™ is an innovative and active jamming device designed to protect secure date from the hacking by RFID waves. The R&D team are specialists in designing solutions to activate or “boost” radio signals. For this ‘active solution’, however, they have used their knowledge in inductive coupling to create a solution, which “destroys” the electromagnetic signal when a passport is closed. eCrush™ solution can be added as an option for any passport inlay.

INWallet application: the IN Groupe solution for a digital identity solution

SDW show will also be the occasion to present the Group’ solution for a digital identity. The INWallet makes it possible to derive a 100% dematerialised digital identity from a physical identity title. Physical identity and digital identity remain linked, arming each individual with a citizen's digital identity and allowing them to identify themselves on-line.

This application, which the user can open using a security code, makes it possible to have:

  • a certified duplicate of their identity and citizen's documents on their smartphone;
  • a citizen’s digital identity presenting the highest levels of security and allowing use of services on-line.

The user’s everyday life is facilitated without compromise, providing security of their personal data against attempts at usurpation. The user also remains in control of their data, since the INWallet does not call on any database and allows the citizen to share only useful information (that fact that they are an adult, for example).

The participation to a conference: “Fraud on polycarbonate documents: Trends and technical answers from a manufacturer”

Lastly, Joachim Caillosse, Product Manager ID and Travel Documents at IN Groupe, will attend a conference. He will give an overview of typical fraud attempts seen in the field; the evolution of control conditions and the objectives and best practices for a highly secure polycarbonate credential.