IN Groupe, The right to be you

Imprimerie Nationale Group becomes IN Groupe in a context of strong growth

With turnover of €283.2 million, up +28.2% on 2016, Imprimerie Nationale Group (wholly-owned by the State) had a very good 2017, supported by excellent performance across its development focus areas. These confirm the solidity of its strategic plan Odysseus 2020, the digital focus of which is its cornerstone. By adopting a new brand and a new brand territory, the Group is sending out a strong message on its markets and affirming its positioning at the heart of the digital economy.

A marked acceleration across all sectors of activity

This change is supported in particular by solid organic growth at 15% up on the objective set out, excluding the acquisition of the Thales Identity and Biometrics activity, and also by the impressive results achieved in export, which are steadily rising (27% of turnover compared to 25% in 2016).

An identity sector confirming its growth dynamic

With turnover of €119.5 million, i.e. a marked increase of +26.4%, IN Groupe is confirming its leadership on the secure identity sector and has had a record year in terms of production, with over 6 million passports produced. The successful integration of the identity activity of Thales (positive EBITDA from 1st financial year) has also enabled IN Groupe to win two major contracts: for the introduction of e-gates at Lyon airport and for the renewal of management of the system of biometric acquisition of secure electronic credentials in France.

2017 also continued the Group’s roll-out internationally with a new long-term order from Uruguay, setting up the platform for ePassports, residence permits, visas and diplomatic passports in the Republic of Djibouti and signature of the amendment for the CNIE (electronic national identity card) for Morocco. This international growth is further reinforced by the contribution of activities of the Identity & Biometrics branch of Thales, which has enabled the Group to establish itself in Kenya and Malaysia.

+ 31 points for the bank sector

Growing from €34.4 million to €44.7 million in just one year, the SPS brand, buoyed by the IN Groupe’s Connect BU, is establishing itself as the world leader in Dual contact/contactless solutions on the bank card market. Thanks to its patented technology, the IN Groupe’s SPS brand is recognised by actors in the sector as a genuine benchmark in terms of sustainability, reliability and cost control.

Services are moving up a gear

A prosperous year for the service sector which ended 2017 with turnover of €61.9 million, i.e. an increase of +67.9%. A result which marks the successful roll-out of several e-administration platforms in the private sector and to the benefit of French administrations, such as the Crit’Air platform, the VTC sticker [chauffeurdriven passenger vehicles] and VTC professional card platform or the platform for issuance of the new Inclusion Mobility Card. IN Groupe has also announced signature of the contract for roll-out of the new agent card platform for the Ministry of Defence (PGCA project).

A new brand territory to better support IN Groupe’s ambitions

In this buoyant context, the Group is launching an initiative to capitalise on its history, know-how and capacity for innovation. So the Group is adopting a new brand territory, is becoming IN Groupe and is adopting a new corporate signature, the common thread running through its communication: “The right to be you”. The right to assert your rights, do your job, travel freely and move around in a secure world - quite simply, the right to live your day-to-day with confidence. This new signature reaffirms the Group’s commitment to States and their citizens: identity is an inalienable right, to be protected against any monetisation, marketing or restriction on access. Everyone should be able to identify themselves and have the means to be able to prove this identity at any time.

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