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Hand over of the 1,000,000th biometric Peruvian passport in Lima

Last January 11th, the Imprimerie National Group was invited alongside the "Superintendencia Nacional del Perù" to hand over the 1,000,000th biometric Peruvian passport.

The consortium led by the Imprimerie Nationale Group has been fully involved at the benefit of Peruvian people. This professional, industrial and technological involvement made the biometric passport project a reality. Peru made the biometric passport a success and the consortium has technologically participated to this success: a technology 100% made in France, and 100% carried out by Peruvian Authorities. Anyway, this concentrate of technology, 100% compliant with ICAO international requirements, received the Best ID Document Award at High Security Printing Latin America 2016 (see the video)

On this occasion, Didier Trutt, Imprimerie National Group CEO, said: “On behalf of the consortium, I can say that we are very proud to have contributed to the success of this ambitious project led by Migraciones and MRE (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores) which has been implemented in record time: 9 months to equip 20 sites issuing the passports in Peru and 111 consulates and embassies issuing passports abroad.”

The Peruvian biometric passport is also one of the cheapest passports in South America while having a good visa-free score, that is to say a good global mobility (125 countries accept Peruvian citizens without a visa). The Peruvian passport is ranked at the 26th rank in the worldwide Passport Index (ranking 2018). Peruvian citizens now benefit from the Visa Waiver Program (this program allows Peruvian citizens to enter Schengen area without applying for a visa), facilitating international travel for Peruvian citizens, while guaranteeing the security of their identity.

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