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The Imprimerie Nationale Group will be attending SDW 2017, 26th-28th June 2017, London, UK

The Imprimerie Nationale Group, a world leader in secure biometric identity solutions will showcase its comprehensive offering of components, products, digital services and systems to States and citizens at SDW show.

SDW is a world-leading conference and exhibition event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations.

The introduction of a new global offer

This show will be the first opportunity for the Imprimerie Nationale Group to present the innovative solutions developed by the Group for the first time since the acquisition of the Biometric Identity Solutions activity of Thales (May 2017).
This new branch designs, develops and deploys identity management solutions encompassing the collection of biographic data from citizens, biometric enrolment, management of identity systems, including databases, identity control systems and user training.

The teams belonging to Imprimerie Nationale Group’s Biometric Identity Solutions branch (formerly Thales Identity & Biometrics) benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the field of integrated identity management throughout the world. They rank first in civil biometric market in France.

The integration of technologies and experience of Thales Identity & Biometrics into Imprimerie Nationale Group, allows the Group to reinforce its leadership as a trusted supplier of biometric and secure identity solutions with a global offer: innovative technologies, components, products, systems and digital services for governments and citizens in France and internationally.

Delivering innovative solutions:
the new “Hybrid 8” module

In parallel, the Group, through its Components’ dedicated branch (SPS) introduces “Hybrid 8,” its new micro module, for hybrid cards with two chips: one contact and one contactless. The new Hybrid 8 module has exactly the same dimensions as SPS Dual 8 module used for dual interface cards that support contact and contactless communication with a single chip. This dimensional standardization enables smart card manufacturers to switch easily between manufacturing contactless, hybrid and dual interface cards, as no additional investment is needed.

The new Hybrid 8 module allows smart card manufacturers to integrate both the contact and the contactless chip at the end of their process, leading to a significantly better yield than the traditional process in which the contactless chip has to be integrated in the form of an inlay, before lamination and printing, which leads to poorer yields.

With the new Hybrid 8 module, smart card manufacturers benefit from a simpler supply chain as they receive the modules already embedded with both the contact and the contactless chips. This way they have a single supplier bringing a simpler and more reliable supply of modules, already embedded with both chips, constituting a strategic supply.

The participation to a renowned conference:
Views from the Top

Lastly, for the first time, Didier Trutt, CEO of the Group, will take the floor for a renowned conference.

He will offer key insights into the challenges and opportunities that are driving change, affecting the market and shaping the future of the industry. It will also be the opportunity for him to present our vision on our markets.

Come and see our experts on booth B14.

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The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre - Booth B14

Broad Sanctuary, Westminster,
London SW1P 3EE - Royaume-Uni

About IN Groupe

IN Groupe is a global leader in secure identity solutions.

In a mobile and digital world where data security has become the major issue, IN Groupe offers States, governments and businesses trusted solutions including added value electronic components for banking, identity solutions including electronic components, cutting-edge secure credentials and safe and reliable interoperable systems, but also innovative and efficient digital services, and secure solutions for complex printings and workflows.

Real engineering company, IN Groupe is specialized in the integration of electronic and biometrics in identity documents and in polycarbonate cards. Thanks to its innovative new products and its strengthened security, IN Groupe has become a worldwide leader with major customers in over 68 countries.

IN Groupe is based in Paris and has 3 production centres, employing over 900 people in total, over a third of whom specialize in technological development.

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