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The Imprimerie Nationale Group is to showcase more secure solutions and enhanced digital services for reinforced identity and broadened digital identity at Trustech 2016

The Imprimerie Nationale Group, world expert in secure identity solutions today announced that it will highlight its latest solutions at Trustech 2016 for secure ID documents (polycarbonate data page and passports), among which Nautilus™, an e-passport with a polycarbonate data page and an innovative hinge technology which assures enhanced security and durability.

It will also introduce one of the thinnest inlay in the world, which brings additional security features to the passport polycarbonate data page (booth Riviera B059).
In addition, the Imprimerie Nationale Group is unveiling its trusted digital service offering to help simplify and secure end to end flows, data and digital identities (stand Marina D091).

Next passport generation with Nautilus™ polycarbonate data page and unique hinge technology

While passports are often exposed to fraud attempts, the Imprimerie Nationale Group is building upon its long-standing expertise in security printing to expand its product range, bringing a wide variety of technical solutions to satisfy all international market needs.

It will be presenting Nautilus™, a new extension of its passport product range with its innovative hinge technology, based on a customizable metallized layer and a polycarbonate data page, supporting a unique combination of exclusive and standard security features.

The Nautilus™ polycarbonate data page range allows the combining of all traditional security features with the exclusive developments of the Imprimerie Nationale Group.

The Nautilus™ polycarbonate data page range complies with ICAO recommendations for security features and radio frequency (RF), even going beyond ICAO basic and optional features.

One of the thinnest inlay in the world for enhanced security features

At Trustech, SPS, part of the Imprimerie Nationale Group will introduce one of the thinnest inlay in the world that expands into the hinge of a passport bringing new security features thanks to its ability to embed a specific image for each government while making the assembly easier for passport manufacturers. This hinge inlay is for both traditional and e-passports. This patented technology combines the inlay for the data page and the hinge of the passport, and so provides better security while simplifying the manufacturing process. In addition, the hinge inlay has been selected as a finalist through the Nautilus data page for the Sesames awards which will be announced during the Trustech event.

MasterCard CQM certification for both inlays and modules

SPS has also announced that it has obtained MasterCard CQM (Card Quality Management) certification for both its inlay and its module offers, demonstrating once again the recognition by customers of SPS commitment to quality. SPS is the only company to have received the MasterCard (CQM) Card Quality Management certification for its dual interface inlays and card modules.

Trusted services at the heart of digital transformation

Augmented documents, security and reliability of personal data in the open data: the Imprimerie Nationale Group will highlight its trusted digital solutions.
This encompasses trusted digital services offers for administrations and private companies including dematerialization to help simplify and secure end to end flows, data and digital identities as well as securing solutions enriched with the Visible Digital Seal.

Continuing its tradition of collaborative innovation dedicated to cyber security, the Imprimerie Nationale Group will unveil among other things its solutions integrating the new anti-fraud technology; the electronic visible seal (CEV), an electronic signature resulting from the standard
2D-Doc set up by the ANTS to fight documentary fraud. This new enriched version, available at a very competitive cost and very easy to implement, now allows validation in real time via a mobile application that queries a database to guarantee the validity of the document and its environment (issuer, key data,). This convergence of physical and logical security paves the way for a new reality of augmented documents: scalable, unfalsifiable and connected.

The Group will also unveil the new version of its Pass’IN platform, an all-in-one solution for strong identification, electronic signature and access control, integrating NFC technology which facilitates and secures the exchange of professional data on any type of media (tablet, mobile, PC).
Pass'IN allows rationalizing, unifying, securing and customizing the physical and logical management of identities and accesses. This solution enables to trace, encrypt and secure all stages of the life cycle of sensitive data (creation, transmission, storage and reading) whatever the working environment.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group is exhibiting at Trustech 2016 from November 29 to December 1st on booths Riviera B059 and Marina D091.

Presentation at the Trustech Main Stage

As part of the Trustech Main Stage programme dedicated to innovation, Jacques Velot, vice president business development e-services & systems will deliver a presentation on the Electronic Visible Seal on Thursday 1st of December from 11.40-13.00 during the “Security & Innovation” pitching sessions.

About IN Groupe

IN Groupe is a global leader in secure identity solutions.

In a mobile and digital world where data security has become the major issue, IN Groupe offers States, governments and businesses trusted solutions including added value electronic components for banking, identity solutions including electronic components, cutting-edge secure credentials and safe and reliable interoperable systems, but also innovative and efficient digital services, and secure solutions for complex printings and workflows.

Real engineering company, IN Groupe is specialized in the integration of electronic and biometrics in identity documents and in polycarbonate cards. Thanks to its innovative new products and its strengthened security, IN Groupe has become a worldwide leader with major customers in over 68 countries.

IN Groupe is based in Paris and has 3 production centres, employing over 900 people in total, over a third of whom specialize in technological development.

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