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The Imprimerie Nationale Group will be attending Trustech (incorporating Cartes Secure Connexions), Nov. 29th- Dec. 1st 2016, Cannes, France

The Imprimerie Nationale Group together with its subsidiary SPS will be present at the salon Trustech, a global and largest event dedicated to Trust-based technologies for payment and identification.

Nautilus™, an e-passport with a ID-3 polycarbonate data page

Driver licence - e-Boost-ID®

S-LAM® - Inlays

New generation passport - e-Boost PASS®

Visible Digital Seal - 2D-Doc

The Group will use this opportunity to unveil its latest secure ID documents solutions (polycarbonate data page and passeports), among which Nautilus™, an e-passport with a polycarbonate data page and an innovative hinge technology which assures an enhanced security and durability.

It will also showcase its contactless inlay range with a unique technology including e-Boost ID® for ID e-cards, e-Boost PAY®, for banking and transport as well as e-Boost PASS® for passports.

SPS hinge inlay has been selected as a finalist through Nautilus datapage from the Imprimerie Nationale, for the Sesames awards that will be announced during Trustech event in the categorie “e-Government (ID, health, welfare). Best e-government solutions”.

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Also on display, its trusted digital service offers dedicated to businesses and administrations including dematerialization to help simplify and secure end to end flows, data and digital identities as well as securing solutions such as the Visible Digital Seal.

Come and visit us at our Stands
Riviera B 059 and Marina D 091.

Jacques Velot, vice president business development e-services & systems will deliver a presentation on Thursday December 1st from 11.40-13.00 during the “Security & Innovation” pitching sessions.

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Palais des festivals et des congrès de Cannes
Riviera B 059 and Marina D 091

1 Esp du Président Georges Pompidou
06400 Cannes, France