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The Imprimerie Nationale Group launches security-improved passport with the ID-3 Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage and its innovative hinge technology

The Imprimerie Nationale Group, the world expert in secure identity solutions, is proud to announce a new extension of its passport product range with its innovative hinge technology, based on a customizable metallized layer and a polycarbonate datapage, supporting a unique combination of exclusive and standard security features.

While passports are always more exposed to fraud attempts, the Imprimerie Nationale Group is building upon its long-standing expertise in security printing to expand its product range, bringing a wide variety of technical solutions to satisfy all international market needs.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group’s ID-3 Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage range allows to combine all traditional security features with the exclusive developments of the Imprimerie Nationale Group.

The Nautilus™ datapage range includes an innovative hinge technology, developed and patented by Imprimerie Nationale, made of a metalized layer in order to ensure the highest robustness and durability. The hinge can be customized with a specific image bringing additional evidence in case of tampering attempt.

In addition, the Nautilus™ datapage range is able to include all security features necessary to build a highly secure passport such as: laser engraving, tactile engraving, OVI (optical variable ink), rainbow printing, as well as a high security design making use of guilloches, micro-lines, complex background image, …

The Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage range supports all four Imprimerie Nationale exclusive security features including:

  • Custom Antenna Image (CAITM), a watermark made on the antenna inside the datapag.
  • Custom Module Image (CMITM), a logo on a contactless module.
  • Custom Hinge Image (CHITM), hinge embedding unique metal patterns.
  • Anti-splitting feature (ASFTM), patterns showing evidence of attempts of attacks by splitting or delamination.

Thanks to the eBooster® technology, developed by SPS, the Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage provides an extremely durable solution. The eBooster® technology uses an electro-magnetic coupling between the module and the antenna that ensures a durable connection and avoids any breakage. The innovative hinge offers the highest resistance to mechanical stress and torsions, making it exceed all ICAO requirements.

As a consequence, the Imprimerie Nationale Group guarantees a lifetime superior to 10 years on the field for electronic and non-electronic datapages.

“The Imprimerie Nationale Group is proud to introduce the new Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage range, including a unique combination of our proven innovation capabilities and our traditional security features expertise. With this new extension of our offer, we are now able to satisfy all customer demands on the international passport market”Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale Group.

The Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage range complies with ICAO recommendations for security features and radio frequency (RF), even going beyond ICAO basic and optional feature recommendations.

Integration is made easy for all ePassport manufacturers thanks to the fact the Nautilus™ polycarbonate datapage technology is compatible with all manufacturing assembly lines available on the market. It can embed any chip and OS from any supplier.

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