IN Groupe, The right to be you

The Imprimerie Nationale Group will be participating at the inaugural INTERPOL World event taking place in Singapore on April 14 - 16, 2015.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group will join other industry experts and vendors at this public-private forum to discuss real-world global security threats and present innovative solutions for Cybersecurity, Safe Cities, Border Management and Supply Chain Security.

Besides, the Imprimerie Nationale Group has partnered with Entrust Datacard to create the 10.000 Attendee Credentials for Inaugural INTERPOL World Event.

These robust badges will showcase a range of features used in some of the most secure document programs in the world.

The high-assurance ID badges will be issued to all attendees of the event and will include several of the same high-security features that are helping government agencies combat fraud and counterfeiting—and make alteration virtually impossible.