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Strong performance for the Imprimerie Nationale Group

With a turnover of 164.2 M€, showing an increase of 6% as compared to 2012, and a net profit after taxes of 20 M€, i.e. 12.5% of the turnover, the Nationale Imprimerie Group confirmed its growth strategy initiated in 2009.

Over the period 2009-2013, the Group recorded +25% growth and profitability multiplied by two, accompanied by a high level of investment.

In 2013, the Group focused on completing its product ranges and enriching its offer of services to its customers. Among the Group's achievements, the launch of the new French electronic driving licence, the creation of a secure credentials production platform for the Republic of Gabon, the development of an integrated system for professional health cards (1 million professionals), or even new multiservice cards for State officials (Ministry of Defence), regulated professions (Transport and Health) but also for businesses and local authorities (Pass'IN offer).

Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale group : The Imprimerie Nationale Group has succeeded in transforming itself and has acquired a new industrial and commercial dimension. The launch of our new identity, built around 4 solutions (Identity Documents, Data and Flows) and 3 commercial brands (IN, IN Entreprises and IN International), reinforces our ambitions and strengthens our objective to make competitive innovation our key driver of growth.

About IN Groupe

IN Groupe is a global leader in secure identity solutions.

In a mobile and digital world where data security has become the major issue, IN Groupe offers States, governments and businesses trusted solutions including added value electronic components for banking, identity solutions including electronic components, cutting-edge secure credentials and safe and reliable interoperable systems, but also innovative and efficient digital services, and secure solutions for complex printings and workflows.

Real engineering company, IN Groupe is specialized in the integration of electronic and biometrics in identity documents and in polycarbonate cards. Thanks to its innovative new products and its strengthened security, IN Groupe has become a worldwide leader with major customers in over 68 countries.

IN Groupe is based in Paris and has 3 production centres, employing over 900 people in total, over a third of whom specialize in technological development.

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