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2013-04-02 -
Improved 2012 results for Imprimerie Nationale

The Imprimerie Nationale Group has announced its results for 2012 recording a turnover of 155.2 million euros, up by 6% on 2011, and a net profit after tax of 21.2 million euros.

The company says since launching its ‘CAP 2012’ strategy – aimed at repositioning the group in secure identity, data management, printing and digital stream solutions – in mid-2009, it has increased its turnover by 18% and its gross operating surplus has more than doubled, from 11 million euros in 2009 to 29 million euros in 2012. The group adds that it has completed the plan a year ahead of schedule.

It says that in 2012 it confirmed its position as a major player in secure identity solutions, by personalising the 10 millionth French biometric passport and by producing more than a million electronic European Residence Permits – the second electronic and biometric document to incorporate a chip and the first to use a bank card format. It also extended its supply of multiservice official ID cards, in particular, equipping the Orange Group.

The group has further reinforced its digital administration strategy by digitising France’s public archives at regional government level, supported by the accreditation of the French Archives Administration (Service interministériel des Archives de France/SIAF). It has also launched a cloud printing solution for full digital management of postal despatch and has trebled the hosting capacities of the servers at its datacentre.

“The Imprimerie Nationale Group has successfully transformed itself and acquired a new industrial and commercial dimension,” says it CEO, Didier Trutt.

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