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Solid performance for the Imprimerie Nationale Group

With a turnover of € 155.2 million, up 6% compared to 2011, and a net profit after tax of € 21.2 million excluding the exceptional result (€ 6.2 million in exceptional results), in other words 13.7% of the turnover against 11.4% in 2011, the Imprimerie Nationale Group achieved a solid performance in 2012. Since launching in mid-2009 its “CAP 2012” strategy aimed at repositioning the Group in secure identity, data management, printing and digital stream solutions, the Group has increased its turnover by 18% and its gross operating surplus has more than doubled, from € 11 million in 2009 to € 29 million in 2012. The Imprimerie Nationale Group has successfully completed its “CAP 2012”strategic plan a year ahead of schedule.

In 2012 the Group notably confirmed its position as a major player in secure identity solutions, by personalising the 10 millionth French biometric passport and by producing over a million electronic European Residence Permits, the second electronic and biometric document to incorporate a chip and the first to use a bank card format. The Group also extended its supply of multiservice official ID cards, equipping in particular the Orange Group.

The Group has further reinforced its strategy in the service of digital administration by implementing digitisation at the Préfectures, and is supported through receiving accreditation from the SIAF (Service interministériel des Archives de France ≈ French Archives Administration) for the conservation of public archives. The Group has also launched a cloud printing solution for complete digital management in sending letters and has trebled the hosting capacities of the servers at its Datacenter, thereby reinforcing its strategy of managing the sensitive data of its clients. All this falls within its comprehensive approach to sustainable development.

Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale Group says: “The Imprimerie Nationale Group has successfully transformed itself and acquired a new industrial and commercial dimension. Our ambitions are supported by our human capital, our strength. The values of meeting requirements, of confidentiality, partnership and innovation are engraved in our DNA. They guide our decisions and actions to become the trusted strategic partner of public services, businesses and governments in guaranteeing security, sustainability and confidentiality.”

About the Imprimerie Nationale Group

The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a high-tech company with proven expertise in secure identity, data management, printing and digital stream solutions, working for the State, businesses and private citizens.
The Imprimerie Nationale Group produces and personalises sovereignty documents, cards for officials and multiservice cards for the public and private sectors, managing the whole of the life cycle of documents, from registration to issue, and also offers related solutions allowing secure, competitive management, such as digitisation and electronic archiving.
The Imprimerie Nationale produces more than 25 million secure documents a year, including the biometric passport.

Press contact for the Imprimerie Nationale Group

Agnès Martin
Tel: +33 1 40 58 30 00