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2012-06-27 -
The Imprimerie Nationale migrates to digital archiving

A digital archiving platform entailing probationary value is being deployed.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group produces 400 000 new documents every day: electronic and biometric passports, visas, electronic European residence permits, driving licenses, diplomas and certificates... This documentary, particularly sensitive production, was until last May, archived physically. With digitalization, this archiving will henceforth be made in the electronic form.

A solution of digital archiving including probationary value is being deployed and will allow " to answer all requirements in terms of security and volume" specifies Emmanuel Michaud, director of the Secure Data Management Branch of the Imprimerie Nationale Group. Developed by Arcsys Software, this platform answers specifications including fourteen different conditions of security, from the creation of the archive until the display as proof. To answer the future needs of the customers of the Imprimerie Nationale Group, this solution can be customized.

On last June 1st, the Imprimerie Nationale Group was granted the SIAF agreement (Interministerial Department of the Archives of France) concerning the preservation of current and intermediate public archives. This certificate entails a certain number of guarantees as the implementation of a plan of redundant storage distributed on two different sites.

Implanted in Paris and in the North, the Imprimerie Nationale Group produces 25 million secure titles a year among which 15 millions are personalized. Every day, 20 000 passports are produced in its industrial site certified Operator of vital importance.

Autor : Bruno Texier