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SDW 2012: The Imprimerie nationale Keynote speaker

“Next-generation documents: Where is the innovation?”

The digital security industry has so far been mainly driven – in terms of innovation – by the integration of cutting-edge technologies (security inks, holograms, electronic chips and OS,) within products (cards, documents) and systems (enrolment, CMS).

However beyond the products/systems aspects, innovation is now shifting to new fields such as:

  • Faster products and services development processes, including quick prototyping of e-documents;
  • Innovative manufacturing processes;
  • Innovative (easy) issuance and post-issuance services.

The presentation draws attention to these innovation areas.


Based in Paris, France, Bruno Chappert leads the Identity Branch of the Imprimerie Nationale, which he joined in 2011.

This branch specializes in the engineering and the implementation of secure solutions, such as biometric passports, electronic European residence permits, agent and professional cards, car registration cards, etc. It operates throughout the value chain of secure documents, from design, technology integration, securitization, cryptography, personalization and identity to data protection. With over 15 million secure documents issued per years, and over 13 million electronic and biometric passports produced since 2006, the branch has established itself as a true technology integrator and a service and solution operator for State, business and citizen documents.

During an international career in high-technology industry, including the United States, - in Thales, then PRTM, IBM and Thomson - Bruno Chappert has held various management responsibilities in the areas of systems integration and development, supply chain management, information systems implementation. and organizational changes.

Bruno Chappert is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris.

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