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2011-09-28 - Le Figaro
The police gets an e-card

It will sign the minutes and secure computer files.

Eighteen months of study were necessary for the officers to enter a new era. By the end of 2012, good old tricolor "bream" has lived, giving way to an inviolable electronic business card. The size of a credit card, this futuristic Sesame hit the initials "police" in red and marked "RF" is a minirévolution for 150. 000 employees who will wear it, but also for the public. Indeed, the police can now, thanks to a microchip embedded, leaving their signatures on electronic records. "With the end of postage fines deposited on the windshield, the officer who recorded the offense in a real-time digital camera can now, in a single connection, enter his number to facilitate the processing of applications" said Pascal Garibian, spokesman of the Directorate General of National Police.

Eventually, thanks to his new password and a secret six-digit code, each employee will have access to a large amount of numerical procedures exchanged between judges, lawyers or bailiffs. "Until then, a huge volume of records written on paper made countless shuttles between the police and the courts, says commissioner. The latest business card will allow investigators to have access without delay to electronic procurement which will be generalized throughout the judicial process."

In addition to time saving, whole forests that will be saved. Encoded and programmed by rank and function of its owner, the electronic card will serve as a police pass to cross the doors of some buildings. It will also allow officials, whether civilian or uniformed, to identify and authenticate themselves during the consultation files of the "big house", such as the treatment system of criminal information (Stic) too often hijacked in the past.

Eighteen points security

After a three months ramp-up in the Somme, the device will win the whole territory, at 10.000 cards coming out every week of the Imprimerie Nationale at Douai (Nord). Manufacturing cost? Twelve euros each, that is to say less expensive than current cards with two officials mobilized continuously.

To protect the most multiple-use this document, no less than eighteen points of safety have been designed. In addition to two chips and a magnetic tape, electronic card includes a chip that prevents tampering with the photo of the police. Moreover, his face is shown again in the form of a hologram giving way to a star like the sheriff when the document is tilted. To complicate any attempt of forgery, section 12 of the Bill of Rights is contained in the background. To keep the original spirit, the designers have retained the blue band, red white and metal medal. Even though it is rarely shown.

Autor : Christophe Cornevin