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2011-09-28 - Europe 1
"Police", voici ma nouvelle carte !

Technological advances will boost the capabilities of this tool for agents.

The police has a brand new card. It always includes the photo of the official police and the word in big red letters but hides many innovative electronic. Europe1. introduces it.

As a credit card.

In addition to being card requisition, allowing the police, including undercover, to identify themselves, the new card will indeed allow the agent to authenticate to access his computer or files on which it is entitled to work. Thus, like a bank card, the new card works with a police bullet and a personal PIN code secure all access.

Like a pass.

"This new card, which is a mini-revolution for all police, is in fact a unique identification authentication card" welcomes Pascal Garibian, the spokesman for the police, at the microphone of Europe 1. With RFID, the card will also serve as building access badge sensitive.

Like a Health card.

It will also entail the electronic signature of the agent to facilitate the paperless future proceedings, that is to say, the end of the transmission of PV paper. The agent will insert his card into a reader and initial the PV by a single digital signature, then transmitted to the rest of the procedure.

Like a banknote.

Protected as a banknote, the new police board has eighteen points security. This makes it "virtually impossible to forge" the Commissioner Winter, who oversaw the project.

Made by the Imprimerie Nationale, the new police card is cheaper than its big sister. It is up to twelve euros each against fifteen to twenty euros for the former. Its deployment began in the Somme and will extend to all French police end of 2012.

Autors : Frédéric Frangeul and Guillaume Biet