IN Groupe, The right to be you

2011-06-01 - Capital
They police the large companies

Unless you are as well trained as the famous Navy SEALs, do not expect to come here without being duly invited. Industrial site near Douai (Nord), everything is planned to deter malicious acts. Normal: The Imprimerie Nationale manufactures biometric passports, police or gendarmerie agent cards, registration certificates and other official documents. "Here is a little Fort Knox" warns Robert Carpentier, head of group security. In fact, this former police commander has not skimped in making his plans for 8000 volts electric fence, barbed wire, ditches and blocks anti-ram truck, camera laser beam, smart cards, PC shielded sub- ground ... After unannounced - and unsuccessful – attempts of intrusion, both the Raid and the GIGN validated his robust device.

Converted into the private sector in early 2006 after thirty years in the General Information, Robert Carpenter is not alone: dozens of senior police officers now occupy similar positions in companies. And, adding the former military, over three quarters of the security officers of major French companies have a history of police commissioner, colonels or generals. Occasionally, they exchange their experiences in a professional circle, the CDSE (security directors of companies club)...