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2011-05-08 - Blogs.LeMonde
The new police card reveals its colors

It took much thought to the step, but it's done, or nearly, the new police card makes its appearance. It's the size of a credit card, and joins the format of the press card or the card of lawyer.

In fact, the Ministerial agent card was revisited. But for police, it is a real working tool that specifically mentions the special rights attached to that profession. If I understand correctly, the prefects and officials have found it so nice that they have copied. Thus, at startup, there should be only two visual, police and administrative officials; it is eleven. This has seriously increased the invoice. Imagine the brawl bodies for a particular reference. For example, agents of Forensic Identification, the famous crime scene technicians, very fashion on TV, do not get the word "POLICE" written in red (a tradition for two generations of cards). They will settle for a "Forensic science", in black. Hopefully they will recover. Or registration of the right to requisition, that little phrase at the bottom of the card, which states that "The Civil and Military Authorities are invited to WAIT AND MOVEMENT holder of this card is authorized to request for service needs the assistance of the police".

Why the police card is sometimes called "requisition card", or card Requires some. It also said the bream or the fishing card, but it is a bit old.
These new cards are equipped with a two-chip RFID (radio), and a magnetic stripe. What worries some unions, as UNSA-Police.
Welcome to the club, should consider private sector employees who, under the pretext of security, know for many the return of the time clock and online monitoring.
In fact, this card is a little Swiss Army Knife. It will serve sesame for access to protected premises, consultation files, such as ICT, or electronic signature of the minutes. Navigo or password, or to adjust their meals in the mess of the police, etc.. For now, there is no question of it being accepted at local cafés.

It can be used from any workstation in the department, provided it is equipped with a reader - whose acquisition remains the responsibility of each service. The Imprimerie Nationale is in charge of manufacturing. Its cost is 18 €. For police, it's 180,000 cards to be put in circulation between 2011 and 2012 (the retirees will have to wait a little). As for the Gendarmerie, it took a step ahead with a project initiated in 2008, slightly different, more sober in my opinion a bit less successful, but it seems consistent. All personnel should have this year.

It is expected to be able to slip into a card holder that includes a medal and badge chest, that is to say, the degree. What makes something rather elegant and rational. But perhaps not very practical when it will withdraw for read it in the terminal ...

The police card has probably lost some of its prestige since the uniform was introduced in the police. But it remains a mythical object we often dream of blister on his boss's office. Except that in real life, it is carefully preserved. It follows the career, it is part of the officer, and he feels responsible for it, just as his weapon.