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2011-05-06 -
The Imprimerie Nationale unveiled at the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Communications

May 13, Frederic Mitterrand met the profession to close the exhibition that the Ministry of Culture and Communication presented in the showcases of the colonnade and the gallery of Valois (Paris 1): "The treasures of the Atelier du Livre d'Art et de l'Estampe".

This exhibition was part of the ninth cycle of "Crafts on Stage" Treasures of the Imprimerie Nationale. As part of the exhibition cycle "Crafts on Stage", the Ministry of Culture and Communication "The treasures of the Atelier du Livre d'Art et de l'Estampe".

Until May 13, showcases the peristyle and the gallery of Valois in Paris hosted the most significant elements and most prestigious heritage accumulated by the Imprimerie Nationale over the centuries. Five large windows had a business of printing: lithography, monotype, the collotype, typography and materials punches.

Each case was illustrated by the remarkable productions of the workshop. Two small windows showed great books for bibliophiles, as well as examples of type design and Eastern typography. The workshop's book art and prints by the Imprimerie Nationale is a unique set that summarizes the history of the printed book and outlines the technical craft.

Creating characters, burning punches, cast lead type, hand composition and mechanical means of Latin characters and Oriental letterpress printing, intaglio, lithography, collotype, bookbinding and stationery, all these trades remain alive in the Imprimerie Nationale and combine to produce exceptional works limited edition combines the beauty of the characters to that of Figures.

Composers typographers have seven exclusive Latin characters and characters created Eastern or acquired over the centuries since the Greeks of the King designed and engraved by Claude Garamont for Francis 1st. From this historical heritage, the craftsmen's workshop book art and printmaking are producing work at the request of artists, publishers, gallery owners, bibliophiles or public institutions and private companies.