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2011-03-06 - La Voix du Nord
As a preview, Customs of the North play the security card

In a preview in Lille, were given the all-new customs cards supposedly tamper-proof. First ten cards, symbolically, before the national distribution of 18,000 by next June. (...) The uniform is not enough: "Every officer should be carrying a professional card as part of its mission, which guarantees every citizen that he is in the presence of a sworn officer, speaking under the Customs Code or upon demand", says Anne Cornet, Assistant Director of Programming, Budget and resources to the Directorate General of Customs.

The risk is not trivial to deal with an impostor. Hence the need for government to secure their tools.
"This first release is a milestone" said Philippe Galy, Chief Executive interregional customs Nord - Pas de Calais - Picardie, driver of the customs modernization in human resources.

Nationally, the 18 000 staff will have received this card here in June. "A long-term investment", says Anne Cornet. This card will replace the rigid cardboard card and will not be renewed in case of change in the situation of individual agents. "If interregional customs management based in Lille was chosen, it is also thanks to its neighbor, the Imprimerie Nationale in Douai and its know-how". These cards, for which the dematerialized data were sent to us are unfalsifiable" insists Didier Trutt, its CEO. The Imprimerie Nationale will also provide professional cards for the Department of Justice, the gendarmerie and the Ministry of Interior, which represent about 100,000 secured cards produced in Douai per year.