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2011-03-03 - Nord Eclair
The customs of the North play it safe

In preview, ten customs agents in the region have received yesterday afternoon their new professional card supposed to be "tamper-proof" and that will be over the whole French territory by the month June. "The uniform is not enough alone" warns Philip Galy, director of the Interregional Customs Nord - Pas de Calais - Picardie. To be sure of themselves in front of a person holding the 'kingly authority" as they say in the customs, the best is to ask the valuable professional card. A measure that has still its limits, because no one is safe from a wise guy who has made a copy rather honorable.

That's why the French customs have decided to launch a new version of the precious sesame. And it is in the North they arrived yesterday in preview. A card "ultra secure, impossible to duplicate" says Anne Cornet, deputy director of programming, budget and means to Customs. Exit the simple paper card. Now this is a plastic card with a bottom made of micro-letters, invisible ink and paper watermarked to prevent any entry. The citizen can have 100% confidence in this card, according to Customs. A card produced in the region. "Exclusive to our site, Douai"; says Didier Trutt, CEO of Imprimerie Nationale. Yesterday, top ten agents have received it before 18 000 across France receive it by June.