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2011-02-14 - La Provence
SPS puts its chips in our passports

The Imprimerie Nationale becomes his partne.
Patrice Philippe, who took over from Henri Boccia at the head of SPS in July, smiles. The former sales manager of Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS), an SME specialized in manufacturing of contactless chips, designed to equip the official documents and bank cards, says "the need for new blood to turn the tide".

Society, undermined by the crisis, falling orders and delays in national, indeed encountered significant financial difficulties. "With few employees, we have chosen to take the bull by the horns and do not hide our difficulties. We went without hesitation to the commercial court of Aix, we met with the mediator credit and spoke in a transparent. Our goal was to find a solution with each of our 140 creditors. We also had to resize the company to separate us from 22 employees and ask sacrifices of others. All agreed and wages were reduced" explains Philippe Patrice.

He added: "But the result is there. It helped us, there were these efforts, and with the ongoing recovery, particularly marked by the registration of 45 million euros of orders, I promised to return as soon as possible, people had to leave. Each employee also received shares". Within a few months, SPS has refocused on its core business, has benefited from a real turnaround. Consolidation Fund and Business Development (EDCF), established in 2009 and backed by the Caisse des Dépôts, is entered in its capital by injecting 5 million euros (M €) in equity.

More good news: the prestigious Imprimerie Nationale, including President Didier Trutt will Rousset this afternoon, has a privileged partner of SPS in turn by investing € 2 million. Objectives: To enable the company Rousset penetrate the market of passports, ID cards, cards police or gendarmerie, as well as driver's license in 2013.

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