IN Groupe, The right to be you

2010-12-08 - Le Figaro
Interview with Didier Trutt. Perspectives File "Online / Offline Security" published by Commédition

Secure high-tech solutions for citizens and private businesses

Passports, car registration cards …each and every one of us has, in his/her pocket, a document produced by the Imprimerie Nationale. However, people are not always aware that this company, which is part of our everyday life, is a leader in the field of online and offline security.

Is the Imprimerie Nationale a public or private company?

The Imprimerie Nationale's heart has been beating for citizens for the past five hundred years: the State entrusts us with strategic missions such as the biometric passport. That is our public area of expertise. The Imprimerie Nationale became a private limited company just over fifteen years ago and has since been able to operate in sectors open to competition for services intended for businesses and territorial authorities.

Far from the traditional image that the French have of you, could we say that you have become a high-tech company?

Yes. We have both a national heritage and a high-tech company and we are proud of it. I intend to maintain the company on the cutting edge of technology by making it an integrator of secure and reliable solutions for documents – for citizens and private businesses alike. To this end the Imprimerie Nationale must expand its product range and secure service range.

Dematerialization, globalization, modernization… can you offer secure solutions to both states and companies in order to help them face such stakes?

The protection of people and goods is at the heart of our business. Today, protection entails secure identity documents, data protection, strong authentication, electronic certification, proof management and secure archiving of sensitive data. These are all within our field of expertise. Companies and Sate entities also need guidance on the management and processing of their printed and digitized documents. That is our second area of expertise. We offer global, turnkey solutions, outsourced in a secure manner. To that end, we have a complete and efficient graphic platform based on our experience as a printing office. In terms of online security, we have developed a secure platform for the dematerialized management of invoices and pay slips. It enables to cut costs, facilitate exchanges within the company, simplify customer-supplier relations and offer integrated enterprise output management and archiving services to companies and state entities. The overall management of document life cycle as a trusted third-party is one of our strategic priorities. For example, our ChronoServices subsidiary was attributed a Public Service Delegation Agreement for the request, production, personalization, delivery to the holder, validity control in real time and the renewal of the tachograph card, which is compulsory for passenger and freight transport.

What level of security can you guarantee?

The Imprimerie Natonale is listed as an « Operator of Vital Importance ». It is the highest physical and IT security standard for a company and it represents the best possible guarantee for our clients and partners, for citizens and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Imprimerie Nationale has code of ethics and a corporate culture, is committed to confidentiality, its processes comply to the Règlement Général de Sûreté, is a member of the Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance (trusted third party national federation), works in close collaboration with the Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (National Agency for the security of information systems) and is frequently audited by the CNIL (National Commission for IT and Freedom).

New documents and cards, offering plentiful technologies and services Municipal Police Officer Card:

It is the first multiservice card of the French administration. It contains two chips: a contact-based chip for authentication and secure access to sensitive files and data, and a non contact-based chip for various services (access to buildings, daily services…) Magistrate and Clerk Card: It contains electronic certificates thereby allowing Magistrates and Clerks to authenticate themselves and produce dematerialized and secure legal acts.

But also: Car Registration Card, European Driver Qualification Card for passenger and freight transport, secure Hunting Licences (credit card size), Electronic European Residence Permit for foreigners.