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2010-09-08 - Le Nouvel Economiste
Interview with the Imprimerie Nationale's CEO, Didier Trutt

The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a secure and reliable service integrator, handling a wide range of services, from paper, to immaterial documents and the biometric passport.

Although its name evokes a heavy industry that prints our tax papers, the Imprimerie Nationale is already the leading and most secure operator for sensitive electronic documents… This private company, with state capital, has been handling the government's confidential data for centuries and has therefore had to integrate cutting edge technologies to its processes. This high-quality service is now available to all companies, regardless of size and activity.
We met Didier Trutt, the Imprimerie Nationle's CEO.

Didier Trutt, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am an industrialist, with an engineering degree. I began my international career at Thomson and was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer in 2004. I supported the shift from analog to digital… Today, I have the rare privilege of managing a French company founded nearly 5 centuries ago by François Ier. I intend to make the Imprimerie Nationale's future live up to its past. To do so, I can rely on the quality and diversity of our know-how, on our exceptional technologies and skills: craftsmen, cryptologists, electronic engineers, computer scientists… The entire staff shares a strong confidentiality culture in a highly secure environment.

Do you believe that the Imprimerie Nationale has become a high-tech company?

Absolutely. The Imprimerie Nationale belongs to a highly technological and constantly changing industrial sector. It has had to adapt quickly in order to the meet market needs and evolve towards an integrated service offer. This evolution has implied a thorough change in people and solutions. I have driven the group towards what it is today: a reliable and secure solution integrator for documents for the State, Sate agencies, citizens and private businesses.

Tell us more about the company: what is the Imprimerie Nationale's core activity? What are its tasks?

As the name suggests, we are a national operator. The State has entrusted us with the securitization and the personalization of official identity documents: electronic passports, and since 2008, biometric passports, driving licences, visas, professional agent cards…and soon, I hope, the electronic national identity card. Our second core activity is the management of physical and digitized flows. In addition to our expertise as a printing company, the graphic platform enables us to offer global and integrated "turnkey" solutions, from the design and production to the storage and dispatching, of management documents, administrative and fiscal papers.

Today, what is your main strategic priority?

We are relying on the leadership of our graphic platform to develop our dematerialization field of expertise. It is the logical continuity of our past as a printing office.

What part does the Imprimerie Nationale play in dematerialization?

The Imprimerie Nationale intends to guide users, companies and authorities during the transition from paper to immaterial.

Can you give us an example?

Let's take the Car Registration Card: The Imprimerie Nationale manages its production, but also the enterprise output management that goes with it. The Imprimerie Nationale oversees the security of all digital exchanges with the prefecture or the employee who has filed the request. The Imprimerie Nationale then personalizes and rematerializes the document before sending it to the car owner by recorded mail. In the near future, a secure digital safe will enable every user to store his/her personal and confidential data. The user will then be able to access this data if his/her documents are stolen or lost. Everyone will benefit from a faster renewal process and simplified administrative procedures.

What are the advantages of dematerialization for companies?

The risks incurred by dematerialization can be turned into a great opportunity: time-saving, increased efficiency and productivity, cost sharing…

Does this evolution also apply to business exchanges within companies?

Yes. We are currently developing a secure platform for the dematerialized management of invoices and pay slips in order to cut costs, facilitate exchanges within companies, simplify customer-supplier relations, and offer integrated services of enterprise output management and archiving to State agencies and private businesses.

Are you also competent when it comes to managing the dispatching of personalized bulk mail?

We can fall back on years of experience as a State operator for the securitization, personalization, production and dispatching of bulk mail. Tens of millions letters are handled every year by the Imprimerie Nationale: driving licence, cheque-letters… and the list of confidential data handled goes. The group is a secure and reliable operator for Enterprise Output Management and Personalized Mail. The data is digitally imported via our secure network, personalized, printed, put in envelops and pre-sorted for dispatching. Enterprise Output Management not only ensures graphic quality, it also ensures cost and time savings thanks to the use of industrial processes for bulk mails. Personalized mail enables the centralization of digital mails from different sources and the mutualisation of their personalized dispatching, thus cutting production costs in four!

Why is security so important in data processing?

Today, the protection of people and goods entails data protection. One must be able to authenticate a document or an electronic data at all times. One must be able to ensure the sustainability and security of flows and dematerialized archives. Many companies are weary when it comes to outsourcing the archiving of sensitive data, such as human resources files containing confidential data regarding their employees. With the Imprimerie Nationale, they can be reassured. As an authority in proof management, our group ensures the authentication of digital signatures, its timestamp and the safeguarding of the original over time.

What level of confidentiality can you offer a company?

The following guarantee our level of confidentiality and set both citizens and chairmen at rest: the Imprimerie Nationale has a code of ethics, it is committed to confidentiality, complies to the Règlement Général de Sûreté, is a member of the Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance (trusted third party national federation) and Fedisa, works in close collaboration with the Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (National Agency for the security of information systems) and is frequently audited by the CNIL (National Commission for IT and Freedom).

Do the same ethics and security rules apply to private businesses and public agencies?

Yes, the same ethics and security rules apply to the management of confidential data for the private sector. But of course, the processes for public and private sectors are separate.

What is the added value in terms of security?

Our core activities, including dematerialization, have been centralized in our production plant near Douai. Early 2010, at the regional prefect's proposal, together with the Secretary General for National Defence reporting to the Prime Minister, a bye-law was approved by the Minister for the Economy and Finances, listing the site of Douai as an Operator of Vital Importance (OIV). It is the highest level of security for a company.

Can you give us an example illustrating your legitimacy as a trusted third party?

Since 2005, the Department for Transport has entrusted us (public service delegation agreement) with the production of tachograph cards. Tachograph cards are mandatory for coaches and lorries. From now on drivers can make a dematerialized online request via our ChronoServices subsidiary, the card is then made and issued. Chronoservices manages the card's 5 year life cycle: replacement if the card is either lost or stolen, renewal, assistance for users and secure archiving of all digitized files.

This expertise as a trusted third party broadens your horizons for the private sector…
Ad infinitum… As you can see, the Imprimerie Nationale offers a wide range of solid and legitimate solutions. The group uses cutting edge technologies. The Imprimerie Nationale is an integrator of secure and reliable solutions for citizen and private sector documents.