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Virtual exhibitions

To share its expertise and its unique heritage with the public, the Imprimerie Nationale launches, as of October 15th, a series of virtual exhibitions. Drawn from the archives of the Imprimerie Nationale, these undisclosed documents (photographies, postcards, films) will take you on several virtual tours to discover the treasures and know-hows gained on the Imprimerie's 500 year journey.

Enjoy the tour !

Exhibition 1 : Travel through time

Travel through time Based on period photographs, the exhibition will take you on a virtual tour of the sites, historical events and anecdotes which have made the Imprimerie Nationale what it is today.

Did you know that over the past five centuries the Imprimerie Nationale's headquarters have been in some very prestigious places such as the Louvre, the Hôtel de Toulouse and the Hôtel de Rohan ? A building proportionate to its activities was later erected in rue de la Convention. Did you know that, under Napoleon Ist, the Imprimerie also had branches in Cairo and Alexandria ?

Based on period photographs, the ehxibition will take you on a virtual tour of the sites, historical events and anecdotes which have made the Imprimerie Nationale what it is today.

Exhibition 2 : Typographic Creation

Travel through time The Imprimerie Nationale designs fonts for towns, companies or administrations. In 2002, Franck Jalleau, typographic designer at the Imprimerie Nationale, created the Brive for the town of Brive-la-Gaillarde.

In recent years, the Imprimerie Nationale has launched a program to adapt the typographic collection to digital composition. Franck Jalleau has redesigned, among others, Latin characters as well as the King’s Greek, engraved by Claude Garamont, for an edition of Odes olympiques by Pindare for the Athens Olympics.

Exhibition 3 : Craftsmen

Travel through time The type designer, the punch cutter, the type founder, Latin and Oriental typographic compositors, typographic printers, engravers, the lithographer-collotypist, the bookbinder and the papermaker all work together. This outstanding team operates a pool of unique machines on a daily basis such as the collotype press or the 18th Century engraving press.

Come and discover the crafts and techniques that make the Atellier du Livre et de l’Estampe what it is today.

Exhibition 4 : Grolier Club New York

The exhibition will outline the history of typographic an printing arts over the past five centuries. Over 200 objects and artworks of the Imprimerie Nationale, including original manuscripts, rare books, punches and matrices from the sixteenth century to the present will be on view in both Grolier Club galleries.