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Master of art

What Master of art? Following the example of the Alive National Treasuries Of Japan, Masters of art are carriers of exceptional know-how That they owe pass on.

The appointment as Master of art Aim at supporting the vast field of art professions. Created in 1994 by him Ministry of Culture, the title of Master of art awarded since summer in Hundred and seven excellent professionals. Carrier of a talent, one Experience and of a skill rare, Master of art makes a commitment in Pass on his knowledge and his knack to a qualified pupil So that he immortalizes them.

Since 2010, the Ministry of Culture and Communication awards This title every year to value an immaterial heritage Of exception and to encourage its transmission. To do it, Master Art receives an annual allowance of the State, to the amount of 16 000 Euro, with the aim of proposing a hanging high-level training Three years to a pupil.

Frédéric Mitterrand distinguished six excellent professionals, among whom Embroiderer François Lesage, named Master of art on an honorary basis for Its whole career. The remarkable know-how and the exceptional Talent of these craftsmen contribute to the influence of practices Artistic in domains so varied as the printing office, the arts Plastics, the design, the ceramic, the fashion, the book and the edition. This New promotion also brings to light the rich collaboration Between Masters of art, artists and contemporary designers.

Joël Bertin, caster of typographic characters Last caster in service in Europe, Joël Bertin is a team leader in Breast of the Workshop of the Art book and the Print since 2003. Of the revision Characters of the Government Printing Office, by way of the services Photocomposition, prepress and manufacturing, he builds up to itself a robust Experience henceforth recognized international. He indeed collaborates With artists of the whole world such as Zanuzucchi, Ra Anan Levy Or of numerous publishers of art as Maeght, Editart-Genève, publishing Of the magazine Conference, Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells or still The publishing Tracks. Joël Bertin also developed of news Innovative techniques, as the adaptation of certain long-distance skiers in Didot or still the cast iron of the tie with crack for clasp in her Japanese for the book of Miquel Barcelo.