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Innovation for identity and trust in exchanges

The world is changing, bringing about major shifts in terms of mobility, data protection and technologies. To respond to these new challenges, IN Groupe, a global expert in identity and specialised digital services, has adopted a dynamic innovation strategy, serving governments, citizens and businesses.

Innovation is what drives development at IN Groupe

More than a key challenge, innovation is intimately linked with the very history of IN Groupe. Seen as an integral part of our development, we enjoy pride of place at the crossroads of issues that structure modern societies: we are a pioneer capable of imagining and offering cutting-edge technological solutions based on the latest scientific advances, at the centre of usage, technology and market circles.

At IN Groupe, innovation is based on a policy of boldly anticipating the future. Based on Civic Tech and GovTech (technologies at the service of citizens), our approach leads to solutions that make public services more accessible and efficient for citizens, whilst ensuring their safety to strengthen the democratic relationship. It is implemented through numerous fields of research: identity and the impact of digital life, cybersecurity, smartphones and mobility, IoT, smart transportation, including autonomous vehicles, and more.

Our promise to the market: Privacy and Security by Design

IN Groupe delivers identities and digital services that are easy to use and offer a very high level of security, whilst respecting users' personal data. This expertise on an international scale, in keeping with our promise, is based on interoperable technologies that are open to their ecosystem.

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IN Groupe technologies

  • Cloud / SaaS
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Development mobile / web / server
  • Machine Learning, Deep learning
  • Bank card technology
  • Electronic components (Contactless and contact)

With these technologies, we can propose strategic innovations.

Strategic innovations

  • Digital identity (Citizens / Professionnal / Connected objects)
  • Mobility (People / Services)
  • Payments (SPS technological solutions)
  • E-administration

Thinking ahead to protect individual identities

IN Groupe's Innovation department relies on our teams' very high level of expertise to tackle the major challenges facing future identities. What technological solutions can be devised to better detect and combat deepfakes? How can we prepare the company of the future? How can we better protect individual identities and enable them to survive over time, even over centuries? IN Groupe has committed all our R&D know-how to these questions, so that we can design tomorrow's solutions today.

A collaborative, open and efficient methodology

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  • 1 The ideation process

    We stimulate creativity together to foster the emergence of new ideas.

  • 2 Design thinking

    We manage innovation through a collaborative and iterative approach (diverge, converge, iterate).

  • 3 Agile organisation

    Some of our teams, dedicated to the development of a complex project, work using the Scrum method (Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.).

A team is in a meeting and looking at a screen
  • 4 Creation spaces

    Within these specially designed common areas, everything is designed to encourage team creativity.

  • 5 Open innovation

    To speed up R&D time, we organise Hackathons and form partnerships with start-ups.

  • 6 Creative challenges

    Some projects lead to Killer App and Killer Picture creative Runs.

Targeted innovation to meet market expectations

For IN Groupe, innovation from scratch is not enough. All our solutions are studied, developed and applied based on a specific market requirement. Our policy of innovation thus provides concrete, immediately applicable solutions for governments, companies and individuals. Our methodologies allow us, notably through tangible experimental achievements (Proof of Concept), to demonstrate the relevance, feasibility and durability of our solutions.

Innovating to protect data

As a trusted third party and a recognised identity provider by law, IN Groupe contributes to the reliability and protection of our clients' digital assets. To do this, we have adopted a responsible approach, basing our actions on ethical principles to avoid both the concentration of identity data among a few parties and attempts to monetise them. In terms of data governance (collection and processing), we position ourselves in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR).

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