Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

IN Groupe is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of our business. The group therefore makes every effort to preserve the balance of ecosystems and improve society as a whole. Our work focuses on various ethical, social and environmental projects. Discover the Group Sustainable Development Policy.

Our raison d'être

Our commitments to our customers, employees and society:

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  • 1 Rallying around the customer

    Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is the most effective way to connect with their expectations. What do they need? Products and services that are easy to use, without compromising on security. Customers like to discuss their needs and appreciate that we always do our best to understand and support them - throughout our relationship.

  • 2 Being a trusted partner

    In order to move ahead with us, the customer needs to feel confident. That’s a good thing, too, since trust has been part of our DNA since we were established: We’ve always known how to protect the data entrusted to us. So, since we have it in us, let’s inspire confidence while remaining true to ourselves: authentic, available, reliable, understanding and attentive.

  • 3 Aiming for customer excellence

    That sparkle of gratitude in a customer’s eye is not something that can be achieved with the snap of a finger. It is earned when we show the customer that we are always willing to improve and to take their feedback into account. This is how we can meet – even exceed – our customer commitments.

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  • 4 Cultivating confidence

    Trusting means creating a climate conducive to the fulfilment and development of everyone’s potential. It means empowering teams so that everyone can work independently within their scope. And it also means advocating listening and sharing, respecting differences and promoting diversity.

  • 5 Sharing a common goal

    It is our collective strength that makes the company grow and achieve its objectives. It is essential that we communicate the company’s vision and share its strategic direction so that everyone feels they belong.

  • 6 Growing together

    Sharing our expertise, continuing to develop our skills, evolving – both individually and collectively – recruiting new talents, encouraging new initiatives... And let’s not forget that small daily improvements and systematic feedback help us advance together.

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  • 7 Being a corporate citizen

    We have stood the test of time by acting ethically, with integrity and transparency, and by offering solutions that have a positive impact on society. Today, we are proud to highlight this 500-year-old heritage. We contribute to regional development, for example by using local suppliers, facilitating the integration of young people and employing people with disabilities.

  • 8 Being eco-responsible

    Taking into account – and reducing – our environmental impact throughout the development process of our products and solutions is the essence of our eco-design approach. It is founded on our ambition to limit our ecological footprint. How? By adapting our operating methods and our industrial and technical facilities.

  • 9 Preparing for the future

    How do we prepare the world of tomorrow? By continuing to offer the best technology, as we have been doing since our creation, and imagining solutions that are accessible to everyone and which anticipate societal changes and new needs, while supporting the digital transformation of our customers.

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Developing a long-term social policy

IN Groupe strives to develop employment, knowledge and skills. The implementation of an internal recruitment and mobility policy, combined with training plans, helps to strengthen expertise and guarantee constantly upgraded skills. The group is also committed to ensuring the greatest possible equality of treatment between employees.

Since 2015, the group has been committed to a policy of professional equality. It guarantees equal treatment in terms of recruitment, remuneration, career development and training (selecting recruitment agencies that share the company's values, increasing the total female recruitment ratio by 3% per year, etc.). IN Groupe also promotes measures supporting parenthood, in particular by making CESU vouchers available for childcare.

Including the environment in the processes:

IN Groupe recycles waste, develops renewable energies and chooses environmentally-friendly partners. The group has implemented numerous measures to limit our environmental impacts from production and residue. Printing documents requires the use of different types of products that need to be disposed of responsibly. With this in mind, a discharge agreement with the Douai municipal wastewater treatment plant was prepared in order to dispose of this waste.

Appropriate procedures and equipment are systematically used to limit the risk of solvents spilling into the soil. Finally, the disposal of waste generated from the group's activities is done in compliance with regulations through on-site recovery and recycling carried out by approved service providers. IN Groupe invests in new technologies that are more energy efficient and which use fewer raw materials. Our purchasing policy enables us to improve our environmental footprint by favouring partnerships with environmentally-friendly service providers and suppliers.

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Employees work at their desks.

IN Groupe aims to have a positive impact on society:

The group would like our business to leave a positive socio-economic footprint. IN Groupe encourages the recruitment and training of apprentices and trainees in order to stimulate our host regions and support job creation.

In addition to employment, IN Groupe also wants to develop a sustainable ecosystem. Because of the responsible purchasing policy, an ethical assessment is carried out for all parties involved before any commitment is made.