Our raison d'être:

‘Firmly believing that your identity and your data must be protected and that your dealings must be reliable, in both the physical and digital worlds, we contribute to making life easier, safer and simpler for everyone, so that each person can assert his or her rights and live with peace of mind. And nearly 500 years after our creation, we continue to innovate to sustainably offer the best technology today and for future generations’.

IN Groupe has made strong commitments to society and our clients. They are expressed in a manifesto that involves all of our employees.


‘In a world of increasing interaction, we protect your identity, your transactions and your assets, helping to make your life simpler and more secure.

So your personal data stays that way. So you can prove your identity and assert your rights, throughout your life. So your purchases can be made with total peace of mind. So objects around you are not counterfeit and remain under your control. To preserve your company’s integrity and business continuity. To allow each citizen to move freely, to grow and change gracefully in the physical and digital worlds and to access an increasing number of services to facilitate their daily lives.

We support governments, companies and hundreds of millions of men and women in Europe and throughout the world. And nearly 500 years after our creation, we continue to innovate to sustainably offer the best technology today and for future generations’.

  • We are constantly innovating in order to develop new markets, as part of a continuous progress and performance approach
  • We keep our sights set on the future and always focus on the long-term

  • Our processes were developed to guarantee our quality of service
  • Our technologies are perfectly mastered and reliable
  • Our customer service is governed by one priority: responsiveness
  • Our manufacturing lead times are stated and guaranteed
  • Ethics are at the heart of our business practices
  • We anticipate the needs of each of our stakeholders

  • It means of commitment of trust and exemplary behaviour towards our employees and the State as shareholder
  • It depends on the quality and responsiveness of our reactions, in line with the needs of our clients, in compliance with legal obligations, information security and business continuity

  • Our HR policy ensures fair conditions of access to positions of responsibility, established solely on the basis of competence
  • At every level of the company, we promote cultural diversity.
  • We promote inclusion, by ensuring the integration of employees with disabilities and continuous improvement of working conditions
  • We encourage Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring within IN Groupe to promote the transfer of skills and experience between senior and junior employees

The Right to Be You

IN Groupe is committed to identity and property security, defending a fundamental right: the Right to Be You.

Learn how in this video.

The Right for every government to assert its sovereignty:

In a world of mobility and interaction, governments face growing challenges: securing borders, knowing and protecting citizens, guaranteeing respect for everyone's rights, managing and securing data and modernising their governance. IN Groupe is committed to supporting governments in the exercise of their sovereignty and enabling them to successfully accomplish their projects.

The Right for every individual to experience their citizenship:

Each individual, each citizen, is defined by their identity, with their rights and duties: to move freely, drive, travel, work, have housing, get medical care, receive aid, vote and protect their dealings and goods. More than a billion people in the world are denied an identity and therefore these fundamental freedoms. IN Groupe wishes to guarantee everyone the right to be themselves, a unique person, so that everyone can live their lives with peace of mind.

The Right of every company to maintain its integrity:

With competition, transformations, technological developments and more, data protection is crucial for companies, which are increasingly under threat from industrial espionage and hacking. In this context, IN Groupe steps in to give each company the means to work securely: archiving, protecting sensitive and confidential data and strengthening physical and logical access security for greater protection of trade, goods, objects and services.

Our main challenges

Our economic challenges:

  • Achieving profitable growth by market segment
  • Supporting our international presence and fortifying the relationship of trust with our clients
  • Respecting the service levels demanded by our clients and other stakeholders, as well as standards and regulatory requirements

Our environmental and societal challenges:

  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our products and services and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sorting and recycling our waste
  • Strengthening our responsible purchasing policy

Our corporate challenges:

  • Developing an efficient governance model based on the commitment and accountability of our employees
  • Promoting diversity and the company's ethical and social values
  • Improving quality of life at work

Business and service continuity:

  • Developing industrial plant safety and site security
  • Leading our strategic projects with excellence
  • Ensuring the availability of IN Groupe's IT infrastructure and resources

Information system security and personal data protection:

  • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data entrusted to us
  • Enabling deployment and operation of customer platforms under information system security conditions that comply with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements

The essentials

  1. Longevity

    IN Groupe is 100% owned by the French State and is the official supplier of government-issued credentials

  2. Security

    Written into our DNA, security is one of the foundations of our original corporate culture. It is reflected in a very demanding recruitment process, an industrial site that meets the highest standards in the field and mastery of our technologies

  3. Confidentiality

    IN Groupe enjoys trust service provider status, recognised by the government of France

  4. Excellence

    With 500 years of history and experience, excellence is a tradition that has never been forgotten