Ethics and responsibility

IN Groupe is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of our business. The group therefore makes every effort to preserve the balance of ecosystems and improve society as a whole. Our work focuses on various ethical, social and environmental projects.

  • IN Groupe ensures equal access to positions of responsibility
  • Competency is the sole selection criterion for employees

  • A strong cultural diversity exists at all levels of the company
  • IN Groupe ensures that no employee is stigmatised because of their ethnic or religious background

  • A disability plan supported by AGEFIPH is being pursued with the main objective of keeping employees with disabilities in the workforce
  • Solutions adapted to each person's difficulties are put forward

  • IN Groupe firmly believes that employee age diversity is a strength for a company
  • Older employees can pass on their expertise and experience to younger ones and hence ensure a continuation of skills

Developing a long-term social policy

IN Groupe strives to develop employment, knowledge and skills. The implementation of an internal recruitment and mobility policy, combined with training plans, helps to strengthen expertise and guarantee constantly upgraded skills. The group is also committed to ensuring the greatest possible equality of treatment between employees.

Since 2015, the group has been committed to a policy of professional equality. It guarantees equal treatment in terms of recruitment, remuneration, career development and training (selecting recruitment agencies that share the company's values, increasing the total female recruitment ratio by 3% per year, etc.). IN Groupe also promotes measures supporting parenthood, in particular by making CESU vouchers available for childcare.

Including the environment in the processes:

IN Groupe recycles waste, develops renewable energies and chooses environmentally-friendly partners. The group has implemented numerous measures to limit our environmental impacts from production and residue. Printing documents requires the use of different types of products that need to be disposed of responsibly. With this in mind, a discharge agreement with the Douai municipal wastewater treatment plant was prepared in order to dispose of this waste.

Appropriate procedures and equipment are systematically used to limit the risk of solvents spilling into the soil. Finally, the disposal of waste generated from the group's activities is done in compliance with regulations through on-site recovery and recycling carried out by approved service providers. IN Groupe invests in new technologies that are more energy efficient and which use fewer raw materials. Our purchasing policy enables us to improve our environmental footprint by favouring partnerships with environmentally-friendly service providers and suppliers.

IN Groupe aims to have a positive impact on society:

The group would like our business to leave a positive socio-economic footprint. IN Groupe encourages the recruitment and training of apprentices and trainees in order to stimulate our host regions and support job creation. Partnerships with schools have established and led to the recruitment of 24 trainees and apprentices in 2018.

In addition to employment, IN Groupe also wants to develop a sustainable ecosystem. Because of the responsible purchasing policy, an ethical assessment is carried out for all parties involved before any commitment is made.

IN GROUPE in numbers

  • 89% of waste from the group's main production site is recovered waste.
  • 100% of new service providers introduced in 2018 have signed responsible purchasing clauses included in the group's general purchasing conditions and code of ethics.
  • 85% of employees received training in 2018.
  • 3% per year increase in the total female recruitment rate.

Control Mechanisms

Internal controls

  • Align controls with the organisation, objectives, commitments and risks, whilst relying on the COSO framework
  • Support the internal control culture by relying on a network in the Business Units and support functions


  • Within the GDPR's framework: a specific contact person for data protection, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), data security, guarantee on the exercise of people's rights and information, personal data protections.
  • With regard to the Sapin 2 Law, IN Groupe has implemented a system that complies with the law, including, among others, a code of conduct integrated into the internal regulations, a warning system and training and awareness-raising for employees.


  • The IMS (Integrated Management System) provides process management to best meet the expectations of the group’s clients whilst guaranteeing a continuous improvement process to achieve operational excellence.
  • To meet our clients’ expectations, IN Groupe has received certifications attesting to the application of standards and regulations on our processes (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, Intergraf) and our products (such as RGS/eIDAS qualification). 

Risk management

  • The Risk Committee is composed of members of the Executive Committee. It steers the risk assessment and management system for the purpose of controlling risks. This ensures full independence of governance functions.
  • Regularly updating the risk and opportunity mapping contributes to the group’s decision-making and operational processes and thus helps to achieve our strategic objectives.
  • This enables us to provide the best possible support for our clients' and partners' projects in joint ventures with IN Groupe.

Internal auditing

  • Numerous independent and objective audits are carried out internally.
  • They have resulted in a charter describing the principles of internal auditing in accordance with audit standards and the group's values, an audit plan covering compliance with laws and regulations, as well as the assessment of the internal controls and risk management.

Current Certificates and Labels

IN Groupe's aim is to continue to build on the Company's strong values to develop our recognised expertise and core businesses, which require Ethics, Rigour, Compliance and Security.

Since 2007, IN Groupe has based our Sustainable Development approach on our integrated QSE-IS (Quality-Security-Environment and Information Security) management system, which has earned the following certifications and labels: