IN Groupe, The right to be you


Solutions that meet the highest security and confidentiality standards, for governments, ministries and state agencies.

IN Groupe has been the French Government’s official supplier for over five centuries. For the past decades, it has also supplied numerous Governments, Ministries and Sate Agencies across the world. IN Groupe designs, develops and issues secure documents and implements secure solutions that meet the highest security and confidentiality standards.

IN Groupe’s highly secure production plant is unique in France (PS1 level). It produces over 25 million secure, reliable and durable documents per year.

IN Groupe offers an overall solution of secure and reliable services:

  • Secure identity documents (passports, visas, ID cards, residence permits).
  • Agent and professional Cards for Ministries and State agencies.
  • Secure transport documents (licences, car registration cards, tachograph cards, driver qualification cards).
  • Student documents (degrees, certificates).
  • Dematerialized solutions for State agencies (secure Probative Value Archiving, proof management authority, digital safe, invoice dematerialization).