A System for Issuing Travel Documents

The client wanted to upgrade their system for issuing travel documents (ordinary, diplomatic and service passports, visas and residence permits) and ensure their security. The goal: to bring them into compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations.

A long-standing partner of this institution, IN Groupe has developed a platform for all travel documents.

Client needs

Secure documents

  • Ensuring compliance of travel documents with ICAO regulations
  • Upgrading and improving the security of the system for issuing travel documents
  • Managing the printed documents required for enrolling citizens

IN Groupe's response

IN Group proposed

  • A system for issuing official documents and digitising printed application forms

  • Support for deployment on sites and making them secure

  • New secure biometric travel documents for citizens of this country (biometric, diplomatic and service passports) and foreigners (residence permits, visas)

    The implementation of the project took place in several stages and lasted 13 months. The first documents were issued within seven months.

Client benefits

  • 1 Improved levels of quality and security for travel documents, in compliance with ICAO regulations.

  • 2 The new biometric platform makes it possible to issue and personalise all travel documents (citizen, diplomatic and service passports, residence permits and visas).

  • 3 The decentralised system allows visas to be issued at embassies, airports and various border checkpoints.

  • 4 Biometric, diplomatic and service passports can be personalised and issued autonomously by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • 5 A physical and digital archiving system protects citizens' data.

  • 6 On-site maintenance contract.