A System for Issuing Passports, Residence Permits and Visas

The Immigration Department wanted to develop a new system for issuing its official documents: secure biometric passports for citizens of this country and residence permits, refugee cards and visas for foreigners

IN Groupe developed a multi-credential platform dedicated to the biometric enrolment and personalisation of the documents in question. The implementation of the project took place in several stages over 6 months.

Security, autonomy and trust were integral to the project's success.

Client needs

Improving official document security

  • Increase the level of security of official documents issued by the client
  • Upgrade and improve the security of the process for issuing documents
  • Ensure service continuity during the migration to the new system

IN Groupe's response

As part of this partnership, IN Groupe supported this client and designed a system based on two ways of personalising the documents issued:

  • helping them to define their needs and implementing effective solutions to satisfy their requirements,

  • designing, installing and maintaining an information system for issuing documents,

  • improving access security (physical and logical) on their sites,

  • equipping officials with employee cards to identify them and for signing sensitive transactions,

  • organising the electronic archiving of applications for documents (passports, visas, etc.),

  • supplying all new documents: passports, visas, residence permits and refugee cards.

  • centralised on the capital's site, for passports (and residence permits), which can be applied for in one of the various management centres located throughout the country

  • decentralised for the immediate issuing of border visas to foreigners entering the country

Client benefits

  • 1 Enhanced security for documents issued

  • 2 Ability to deliver documents securely and more quickly

  • 3 A scalable system allowing the possible integration of new types of documents

  • 4 Local maintenance assistance provided by IN Groupe