Mobility inclusion card

Mobility Inclusion Card

IN Groupe uses a dedicated platform to ensure electronic management for the issuing of Mobility Inclusion Cards: processing applications, validating entitlements associated with the card, informing parties involved on the progress of applications and fighting fraud thanks to a centralised database.

Client needs

A substitute for parking, disability and priority cards

  • Securing the issuing process and combating fraud
  • Improving the quality of the service provided to recipients (simplification, modernisation and shortening of issuing times)
  • Reducing card manufacturing costs
  • Refocusing departmental homes for people with disabilities (MDPH) on day-to-day support services

IN Groupe's response

A modern and secure digital solution for the Mobility Inclusion Card

  • Managing electronic acquisition of recipient information

  • Issuing secure documents

  • Informing recipients and organisations on the progress of applications

  • Managing the life cycle of Mobility Inclusion Cards

  • Checking the validity of the entitlement in real time

  • Providing a monitoring tool for the Ministry (statistics)

  • Identifying repeat requests (combating fraud by setting up a centralised database)

  • Transferring management of carbon copy/second copy requests through a secure order and payment portal

Client benefits

  • 1 A turnkey digital solution

    • Secure electronic process

    • Anti-fraud and monitoring tools

  • 2 Simplified procedures

    • National management connecting all interested parties, including users

    • Shorter processing times

  • 3 Optimised deployment

    • Card manufacturing cost optimisation

    • IN Group's shared e-administration platform