Dynamic and Secure Management of Sensitive Data - Inserm Health Data Analysis

In order to electronically collect, process and store 3 million pieces of health data per year with probative value, Inserm enlisted IN Groupe's solutions. These solutions supported the laboratory during its digital transition and enabled it to comply with regulations on retaining electronic documents.

Client needs


  • Better understand the causes of diseases through a study of the behaviour of a representative population of French citizens
  • Face a major change in the amount of health data to be collected
  • Address the legal challenge of retaining enrolment consents over time

IN Groupe's response

Industrialising two personal/anonymised data processing systems (3 million pieces of data per year):

  • Switching to a paperless system with the opening of online channels and high-capacity digitisation

  • Extracting data using recognition engines

  • Making data available on a secure platform

  • Enabling dynamic data storage with probative value

  • Retaining consents with probative value for 30 years

  • Making consents available in a collaborative tool, with authentication management

Client benefits

Support through the digital transition:

  • 1 Access to information after authentication

  • 2 Process industrialisation

  • 3 Solution for managing anonymised personal health data